You make LPS shine! Thank you for all you do to make every day of the school year incredible for our students - you instruct, inspire, encourage, strengthen and prepare.

The Liberty Education Foundation supports you through offering grants that allow you to implement classroom projects, both large and small, that you are eager to implement but are outside the budget. We are excited to introduce Learner Led Grants which allows students to initiate projects based on their interests and curiosities for their classrooms or schools! Below are details and links to our different grants.

Thank you to the staff members who have already supported this year’s staff campaign. All gifts regardless of size allow us to fulfill our mission. Sign up today!

new ELEMENTARY teacher grant  | Presented in September 2018

First-year elementary teachers can apply for up to $1,000 for equipment and supplies to set up their first classroom. Congratulations to our 2018 recipient, Ms. Ashlyn Garton at Ridgeview Elementary!

learning enrichment grants | announced in october 2018

Learning Enrichment Grants are ideal for purchasing supplies that will enhance student learning in specific content areas or to pilot a new project, club or unit of study! Teachers can apply for up to $500.

This year we awarded 27 grants, totaling $11,511.72!

learner led grants  |  Announcing in
February 2019

Fueling the ideas and dreams of our learners is one of the best ways to promote lifelong learning and innovation in the classroom. For this reason, we have introduced student-initiated grant opportunities. Students may request $100-$1,000 to create or enhance a learning experience. All students will be encouraged to recruit a staff ambassador as they collaborate with their peers to develop unique projects for their classrooms or schools. Groups will put together creative video proposals for this fun competition. 

excellence in education grants  |  ANNOUNCING IN FEBRUARY 2019

Excellence in Education Grants are the Foundation's largest grants (maximum award is $10,000 and the minimum is $1,000). These grants fund large-scale projects that will impact multiple classrooms, grades or schools. With an Excellence in Education Grant you can make reality what you've been imagining for your students!  

staff campaign  |  now!

We invite LPS to support the Foundation for the duration of the school year. You can sign up for payroll deduction, send a check or donate electronically.



steam bus

The awesome STEAM Bus is rolling!