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Learner Led Grants let students request up to $1,000 to create or enhance a learning experience!

By providing our learners an opportunity to direct their learning experiences, the Liberty Education Foundation hopes to encourage problem-solving, innovation, leadership and the desire to make positive changes. We want to empower students and inspire them to be lifelong learners!

Applications are due November 14, 2019.


Remember that the purpose of Learner Led Grants is to enhance student learning under the direction of the students themselves. With that in mind, below are project ideas but encourage students to be creative and think big!

-        Create a club or group

-        Student research

-        Experiences (or supplies) to deepen understanding in a specific learning unit

-        Classroom or building-wide initiative

Who can apply?

LPS students of all ages can submit an application. Students do need a Staff Ambassador to act as a sponsor for the grant application. Students can apply individually or as part of a group!

how do students apply?

Students need to prepare a video (no more than 2 minutes long) explaining their project: why they want to do it, who would benefit, how learning would be enhanced, how the grant funds would be spent AND complete a budget sheet with the assistance of their Staff Ambassador.

The Staff Ambassador will need to complete a brief Google form confirming their support of the project AND complete a Memo of Intent.

The Staff Ambassador form will be available on October 14.

Where can I get more information?

Read this Learner Led Grant Guidelines document! If you have more questions, please contact Lisa (x7121).

Please Note: Learner Led Grants should not be considered a type of scholarship to fund school/group scheduled travel experiences.