Celebrating the Fine Arts Programs in Liberty Public Schools

Sculputure pics.jpg

“Thought of a Treble Clef” was one of the inaugural art works selected by the Liberty Arts Commission and the City of Liberty in the 2018-2019 annual sculpture program. The program included six original, three-dimensional works of art that were displayed around Liberty’s historic downtown. This work was displayed on the northwest corner of the intersection of Water St. and Franklin St.

The Treble Clef is being purchased to commemorate the opening of the Liberty High School Performing Arts Center and to celebrate the Fine Arts programs in Liberty Public Schools. The Center is scheduled to open in June 2020.

Donations will fund purchase and placement of the artwork in the Fine Arts Center. Any donations above the purchase price will be designated to fund a scholarship for Fine Arts students. The purchase, placement and any scholarship will be funded entirely through private donations. 

Please consider a donation in honor of your favorite Fine Arts teacher or student, or another artist who has made art come alive for you! Gifts of any size are accepted. Donors who contribute $250+ will receive recognition based on donation level at a location adjacent to the sculpture.

Donations can also be mailed to the Liberty Education Foundation, 8 Victory Lane, Liberty, MO 64068.