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Learning Enrichment Grants

Learning Enrichment Grants are mini-grants meant to fund educational projects, materials or supplies up to $500 per grant.

our goal

Our goal with the Learning Enrichment Grant program is to support innovation that can improve educational experiences and increase learning opportunities for LPS students - from pre-K through graduation.  

Since 1997, we have funded nearly 500 LEG projects, investing over $175,000 in our classrooms.

Examples of impact

Clean Energy Project

This grant allowed 100 4th gratders at Kellybrook Elementary to see renewable resources in action. Students created devices that took the sun/wind and turned it into movement and light. The students were so excited when they finally got their devices to work. These kits challenged students thinking by making them critically think, be creative, and collaborate with others.

Lillian Schumacher Sensory Tools Project

The goal of this project was to ensure that students, K-3, would have their sensory needs met and to see a decrease in negative behaviors as a result of having these needs met. Through the use of grant funded items, students benefited from the addition of the sensory fidgets to the classroom, as well as from the weighted tools. The weighted blanket and lap pad were very beneficial in helping students to remain calm, or return to a state of calm. 

The Science of Intonation

Grant funds purchased electronic tuners for Heritage Middle School to help students gain knowledge and understanding of the science behind being "in tune" and use that knowledge to have a better sound for each individual and the band as a whole. 

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