2019-2020 Learning Enrichment Grants

All LPS certificated staff (classroom teachers, nurses, counselors) can apply for up to $500 for supplies to enhance student learning in specific content areas or to pilot a new project, club or unit of study.

Applications are due September 5, 2019.

how to apply

1. Read these guidelines - they tell you all you need to know about Learning Enrichment Grants, how to apply AND include a sample of the application form!

2. Complete the Memo of Intent
- Note that the Memo of Intent requires the signature of your building principal.
- Just upload a scanned version of this completed form to your application.

3. Complete the Budget Sheet.

4. Complete your application by SEPTEMBER 5.
- Your signed Memo of Intent will be uploaded into the application form.
- Your completed Budget Sheet will be uploaded into the application form as well.